Predicting the Future

What do you want to be when you Grow-up?

Remember when we were kids and adults would always ask us this? 

In Hindsight I’m now torn, I don’t think at seven years old I was properly equipped with the necessary amount of knowledge, information and experience to answer a question like that. Were you? Let us review the top 5 responses Nay- the only 5 possible answers!

  1. An Artist: What would you expect from someone who doodles all day and gets false praises of greatness for every scribble?!
  2. A Teacher: What else would you expect from someone who is in school around adults who get to spend eight hours a day playing and smiling?!
  3. An Athlete/Musician: What else would you expect from someone who sees mom and dad cheer proudly at television icons of whom they greatly admire. I mean; who doesn’t want that?!
  4. Blue Collar: You know; the Fireman, Police Officer, Astronaut,
  5. “President”: Every time someone says “you can be anything you want to be” they always add; “even President”. Child: “Okay, then I guess I want to be that if that’s what you want, Thanks for the assist.

At what age should this question truly be proposed to people?